Mysterious Moeraki in photos

These are the Moeraki boulders, south of Oamaru on the South Island of New Zealand. Most tourists skip this area, but it is well worth a visit. These boulders are incredibly photogenic, especially at low tide, when you can walk around them, climb and explore.

It’s like a giant dropped here pearl necklace, only the pearls have turned to stone. These rocks are massive! From the DOC car park you can walk to them along the beach, or you can go to the Moeraki boulders café and take the stairs down.

I love the mystery that surround this tourist attraction. Sure, it’s touristy, with café and all, but it’s also beautiful. How are these stones so perfectly round? Why are they here? There are Maori legends that say they are kumaras and eel baskets that came to shore after the canoe sunk. Then there is the geological history that says they were formed 60 million years ago, on the bottom of the sea.

But really it doesn’t matter where they came from. It’s a nice place for a break and a good photo opportunity on your road trip south!



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