Starting over

It was crazy to spend a few days in Adelaide and kind of hard to say goodbye to the boyfriend. At the same time I was more than ready to pick up life again and go home. All I could do in Adelaide was sit on my ass and I can only do that for so long. I was excited and scared, but at least I was starting another chapter, a new adventure.

Frist there was a new job. Since Monday I work as a customer service rep at THL, a company that rents out several brands of campervans. Well… I’m not actually working yet. I have to push through a two-week training first. I am getting a better idea of the job and all I need to know, every day. Together with Ross, another newbie, I am plowing through a big fat book with the details of 47 different types of vehicles and all the terms and conditions, rules, insurances, extras etc. that go with it.

So far we’ve had an introduction to the company structure and had a day in the housekeeping department. We were also thrown into some van to try to set up the beds. It’s as if you’re putting together an IKEA package. Some are simple, but for other you wonder why they chose such a complicated design. We’ve also been shown how you show a new customer their van and then got some time to get our own heads around the different features. It just brought up more questions and thus gave me an idea of what our customers must feel like. Only they’d probably be jet lagged and not used to the country too. So far it seems like everyone is super nice and supportive, so I’m excited to learn more.

Besides a job I’ve also found accommodation. I can’t move in until Monday, but I’m glad I know I’ll have a new home. I think this will be the student living situation I’ve never had. It’s in a nice house, close to the mall, with very nice people. They all eat together, so I’ll only have to cook once or twice a week. Different, but exciting. The place looked really good and my new room comes with some furniture. Comes in handy when you don’t have all that much yourself. When I came around for a viewing, I was invited to join them for dinner straight away. Good vibes, so I’m going for it.

Even though my boyfriend doesn’t understand why I chose to come to Christchurch, I’m pretty stoked for this summer. A lot has changed since I was last here and buildings are still being demolished and built. Every week the roads change and there are new detours around the city. Even the container shopping mall is being extended. I’ve just got to wait for some money to come in! All of this keeps things interesting though. Minor downside is the weather, it’s fairly inconsistent at the moment, with bright sunny days one day, and hail and rain storms the next.

I will probably work a lot this summer, so I can save up for the big trip. Besides that, Christchurch has some nice beaches and festivals, and… the Foo Fighters and Rise Against are coming. I’m hoping to score some tickets. Add to that a few weekends away to Kaikoura, Hanmer Springs or Arthur’s Pass, and I’m all positivity. Just like Christchurch, I’m starting over!



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