Moving in, moving on

And I dive back into student life. Well… not me exactly, but it seems like it. I moved into my new flat and most of the people here are either students, or have just gratuated. I’m still not exactly sure who lives here, because some are away, some here temporarily and some will move out in a few weeks. Whatever happens, it seems to be a good bunch of people.

The house works with a rotating cooking roster. So once or twice a week you cook for everyone. Once a week half the house gets the groceries, while the other half cleans. Seems like a good situation. I love my new room. It’s big! A big difference with my closet space in Queenstown. I’ve got a big bed, a desk and a wardrobe. I can actually put my things on shelves and don’t have to dump stuff in the corner!

I also found a bicycle, and even though I got a flat tyre on my first day (typical, I know), I’m going to ride it to work tomorrow. Can’t tell you how excited I am, even if my ass will hurt like crazy the first few days. So, I’m all geared up for my life in Christchurch. Forget about what’s happened, let it all begin!


4 thoughts on “Moving in, moving on

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