A countryday in the city

Yesterday me and my friend Kym went to the Canterbury show. They made a public holiday for it, so I just had to check it out. It was very similar to Sydney’s Royal Easter Show, but a tad smaller. I was so surprised at how many people showed up. There was a long line of cars waiting to get into the parking area and we saw lots and lots of parked cars in the paddocks surrounding the show grounds. Thankfully there was also lots of space, so much even that we had trouble finding our car at the end of the day.


First we wandered through the Agricultural park. It was clear that people were here to sell. There were dozens of market stalls and tents full of thing to buy, from food to retirement homes and from the latest invention to make washing your windows easy, to new pickup trucks. There was a whole area dedicated to new cars and diggers. Close to that there was an area with old farm machinery. The army was also present, with an exposition of their tents and cars. For only 80.000 dollar you could become the new owner of a tank.

On an agricultural show you obviously also find animals. A massive stable was filled with prize cows, sheep and chickens, and little bunnies to cuddle. Centered on the grounds was the horse area, where you could watch the show jumping. In a corner was a competition for sheep herding and for more entertainment you could check out the carnival, the family corner, complete with cheerful music, or the bar, where a comedian made mainly sex related jokes.

It was a lovely summer day and that made it extra good. We didn’t leave in a new digger and we didn’t buy a garden hose, but we’ve enjoyed the sun, the atmosphere and the overly expensive food. Even though I don’t really get these events, it was a good experience. And… I got to see the world champions in wood chopping. Now that’s worth something!


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