The city as a museum

I’m discovering Christchurch bit by bit. I’m comfortable in my new place, with my new job and my new gym. I love biking to work every morning and only hope that the crazy winds that show up in the afternoon will work with me instead of against me. I feel at home in a city I barely know. Sometimes I feel like a fraud when tourists come to pick up a campervan and ask me for advise. So I’m working on a list of things I need to explore while I’m here.


Today I explored the Brockworth street art gallery, something I read about online, but couldn’t find much information about. Turns out it’s just a small path with some cool murals on the side. Basically a shortcut for Brockworth street residents to get to the main road. I guess I expected something like the artsy part of the old Berlin wall. Yeah, I know, who is that silly?

Although small, it is one of those things that I like very much about Christchurch. This street art pathway is possible. There are no tags, but proper artworks. You can find it all around the city and it gives the city a really cool, happy vibe. I hope I can explore some more of Christchurch’s secrets later.

At the Railway crossing on Riccarton road, you can turn into a small pedestrian path. This is where you can find the Brockworth gallery.


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