If only for a day

O the amount of times I’ve speculated with someone about what I’d do if I won the lottery. If this would ever happen, the reality would probably be far from all my crazy dreams. But dreaming is nice. Speculating is nice. So what if I had one day in my life where I didn’t have to worry about money. What would I do? I guess I’d do New Zealand the fancy way.

There are so many things that are quite pricy. Some I’d consider doing anyway, some are just way out of my budget. I guess I’d get up early on my day among the rich. Better make it a jam-packed one. I’d get a taxi to the airport where my personal helicopter would be waiting. We’d make an incredibly scenic flight towards Mt. Cook and the surrounding mountains, landing on the glacier and doing some heliskiing, if only one run. I’ve never done this, and am not confident at all in the powder, but I’ll give it a go, big fat powder ski’s under my feet.

Then it’s off to the glacier at Franz Joseph, for a few hours of climbing and exploring on the glacier. It’s slowly retreating and the only way to access it now is by helicopter. Of course my servants would have packed a delicious picnic that I can consume with my entourage on one of the beaches. Nothing beats a beach after a glacier. Melon, strawberry, tuna sandwiches, fresh juice… We’re only halfway through the day and need to refuel. There are a few hours left before heading back to the city, so I’d stop in Oamaru. O… the things I’d buy there if I could. I saw the most amazing jewelry and art and would have it send home for me.

Back in Christchurch I’d check in at a fancy hotel, in the most expensive suite I can find. I’ve always wanted to do that, experience true luxury, but have never found that I wanted to spend that kind of money. Back in the chopper to go to Hanmer springs, where, after a three course dinner  I would soak in the pools until the sun goes down and my skin wrinkly. After all that, I deserve to fall asleep in my $3000 dollar per night bed.

The next morning, reality kicks in. Back on the bike it is, for another day of helping customers who are about to go on their holiday, visiting glaciers and stuff.


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