Memory medley

Time flies. It’s true. Suddenly I’ve entered 2015. I didn’t even realise it. The new year comes with new chances, change, more adventure, endless possibilities and lots of choices. But that’s all in the future. Today, the first of January, was the same as yesterday. I rode my bike to work, envied all the people going on holiday, and rode my bike back home. Not every day of the last year was like that though…

Mural of attractions and history in and around Adelaide

Mural of attractions and history in and around Adelaide

The year started in Adelaide, where I was applying for a visa for New Zealand. My days were filled with going to the gym, sitting around and waiting for work to start in the evenings. I only had a few hours work at night, but managed to save some money for the next adventure. In February the Fringe festival started and with that some more exciting times. Flyering for a comedian I met some awesome people and managed to see some crazy shows. March was for planning the move across the Tasman sea and slowly April approached.


Just before my birthday I jumped on a plane to Christchurch and was surprised by how destroyed the city still is, and yet how vibrant and alive. It was quite shocking to suddenly be by myself again, after living with a boyfriend and his friend for many months. Good news came in fast when I found out I was hired at Coronet Peak ski field. Before that, I spent two amazing weeks with a lovely family on a workaway stay. I made my way to Queenstown via Lake Tekapo and Mt. Cook.

Unfortunately the snow decided to come late and I had lots of time to sit in my hostel and chat to all the other skibums that were waiting for the snow. I made my way to Milford sound and Wanaka. I walked and walked until the snow made that impossible. Winter was filled with skiing and teaching the little ones how to have fun in the snow. I met the most amazing people, who totally made my winter! I managed to get a $1 jetboat ticket, after weeks of trying and I finished the season with two days of work as a proper ski instructor.


Winter flew by and before I knew it I was in my car on my way around the Island. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far and relied on the goodness of the people in Dunedin. My car needed major repairs and the mechanic that was working on it offered me a bed in his house with his family. This wasn’t the luckiest time for me and yet it wasn’t the worst either. It seemed as if all the bad luck was just piling up though. So one day I sat down with a coffee and thought about my options. Within a day I’d turned everything around and threw the bad luck out the window.


After a quick visit to Adelaide I started a new job in Christchurch. I found an awesome house with flatmates who make me feel at home. Summer was approaching, so I bought a bike that could take me to work every day. After a few weeks it seemed to have died, but was fixed by a friendly mechanic and now I ride this antique from ’69 every day. No matter how much people make fun of my ‘bike that belongs in a museum’, I love it! I joined the gym and once a week I cook for my flatmate-family. It seems like I’ve settled!


It wasn’t all good though. I lost it when my relationship suddenly ended and that’s how 2014 ends, with doubts and questions. The new year will hopefully give me answers, or at least some clarity. I hope my adventure continues, wherever life will bring or keep me. I love it here and I’ve got a lot to live for. I can honestly say that in spite of the downfalls, I love my life right now and I’ve never been so happy. Happy 2015 everyone!



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