Little gems

Sometimes being a tour leader can be stressful. You’ve got people asking you all kind of questions you don’t know the answer to. You have to find out those answers, show them the way, give them suggestions for things to do, arrange train tickets… and then also make sure you’ve booked a table at a restaurant that will appeal to all. That last one is always so tricky, especially as a beginning leader, when you haven’t got a big list to choose from.

Luckily the world is full of people who eat and some of them are willing to share. So I found an old recommendation for a restaurant in Prague. For some reason the restaurant I found was in a totally different location than the suggestion, but all the other info was right. So I decided to go for a walk and check it out. I needed to go down a huge staircase to a street on a lower level and along the way I saw a great viewpoint. I think it was part of a restaurant, but you came in on the restaurants roof and looked out over the city and some crazy statues. It was a great and unexpected find. Sometimes being ‘lost’ is not so bad. Sometimes having to find a new place out of necessity will bring you more than you expected.

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