The beer’s on track

So, what do you do when your passengers are out in town? Try new restaurants. While looking for decent restaurants to take my groups to, I came across this one place that I couldn’t get out of my head. I wasn’t sure I could take my passengers there though, so off I went all by myself to give it a go.

It’s right around the corner from my hotel, which immediately works in favor of the restaurant. I walk up the stairs and wait to be seated. At first the waiter wanted to place me in the smokers section, but when I made it clear I’d rather go, he gave me a table to myself in the non-smoking part. Czech republic, like Austria, still has smoking sections, something that in my country and most of the country’s I’ve lived in the last years is unheard of.

The whole restaurant is covered in train tracks. Yes! They bring your drinks in little model train wagons. How good is that! So I order my red berry cider and wait. Suddenly a train stops next to my table. Would this be mine? It must be mine! So greedily I take out my drink. No! Forgot to take a photo! I almost put it back, but was afraid my 25 second window was almost over. What an amazing idea!

During my meal, chicken schnitzel pieces on potato salad, I tried to capture a good shot of a train with drinks. They kept zooming past leaving only a blur of train in my photos. I guess there is only one thing I can do… one day I’ll take a group here that’s in for a little fun. Do you come here for the food? Not exactly. It’s like pub food, simple but effective. Certainly not on the list of favorite dinners. However, the delivery is just fantastic! Great for kids, bachelor parties and any other young at heart!

The restaurant is called Vytopna and is located on Wenceslas square in Prague. They do have some other locations as well.

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