Cueing up in Vintgar

One of Slovenia’s major attractions is the Vintgar gorge and this is obvious when I arrive in the full parking lot. Slovenians, Dutch, Italians, Germans, Austrians… they’re all here to see the beauty. But I didn’t arrive by car. From the town of Bled you can find the gorge via some wonderful trails through the countryside.


Initially I started from the wrong trail. I’d checked with the locals, but they’d pointed me in the wrong direction. Nothing to worry about though, because I soon found out where I was and how to get back on track. The first part of the track went along a relatively busy road unitl we reached a group of houses. I took a small side track via a pretty church and a massive house and ended up on a road leading to the main track. As soon as I was back on track I saw other walkers and signs to the gorge.

The houses here in Bled look a little like Austrian Alp or Bavarian houses, with huge wooden balconies. I also loved the details like hearts in the wood and the beautiful flowers hanging from the balconies. At the entrance of the gorge was a restaurant, followed by a parking lot that had to be organized by attendents. My plan was to take the 12.30 bus back home to Bled to avoid having to walk back. A good plan, but that left me with just over an hour to explore the 1,6km long gorge. Now is that not a long distance, but when you are shuffling along a busy path following people that are not remotely in a hurry and stopping and blocking the path every 10 meters, it is a challenge.

There was a wooden boardwalk along the cliff sides whenever there was no room for a path. The gorge was beautiful, but also pretty chillly. It’s a pretty easy path, with some steps and obstacles. The views are pretty, although you won’t have it to yourself often. Consider packing a picnic to enjoy along the water. There are also some huts where you can buy snacks at both entrances. For a nice 5 to 6 hour trip, walk via the Bled castle and have a look around there. The castle museum isn’t amazing, but the entrance fee is worth it for the view alone!


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