Wall art

When John Lennon died in 1980, this brought about some emotions in communist Prague. They weren’t allowed to listen to much pop music, but loss of many people’s hero brought about a small protest. This wall in the center of Prague was covered in graffiti relating to John Lennon and the Beatles; images of his face and lyrics from the songs decorated the wall. Every time the communist regime would wipe it clean, people would repaint it.

In 1988 the iron curtain fell. The people of Prague had their country and city back. The wall stayed though. Then one day in 2014 it was painted white, the only words ‘wall is over’. A group of students wanted to say that communism was over and the wall needed a new meaning. Unfortunately for them, nobody really got it and it was called an act of vandalism. Within no time the wall was repainted and the words changed into ‘war is over’, referring again to John Lennon. There is still some Lennon left on the wall, but a lot of it is constantly changing. Every week you’ll see a new canvas and everyone is free to add to it if they wish. The wall of peace and love is very much alive in Prague.


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