The grass is always greener through the keyhole

“Maltese knights. Why do they still exist? Who are they? Do they carry swords? Chainmail?” These thoughts go through my head as I am walking up the hill. They go along with: “Isn’t it weird to walk up to a building and peek through their keyhole?” And yet this is on the list of tourist attractions in Rome. If you’ve seen the Coliseum and the Vatican, you climb up to Aventine hill to see the door of the order of the Maltese knights. Or really… to sneak a peek through the keyhole.

As I approach the building I am glad to see I am not the only one. This place is not nearly the Vatican or the Forum, but there is a stall selling drinks and snacks, so it must be visited throughout the day. I get into the line, which has 3 people in front of me, and still think this is a strange idea. But then it’s my turn and I see what the fuss is about. The view is stunning! I’d seen pictures of it, but in reality is it surreal!


Maybe it’s because you are looking through someone’s home. You see hedges on both sides that lead your eyes to the Vatican. I wonder if it was aligned like this on purpose. Would the people that live here ever peek through, just to focus on that gorgeous view? My camera couldn’t really focus, or deal with the light, so use Mr google to see it for yourself. Or go to Rome. Even better.


If that view wasn’t cool enough, you can also get a bigger one from a park just along the road. What a beautiful place for a picnic this would be. I had to do with my bottle of water and some lost grapes. This was totally unexpected and well worth my gigantic walk around Rome.


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