The date I didn’t know I was on

In a job you create a network. As a tour leader my network started with colleagues, who are always there to provide advice and give suggestions. So when I made a contact in Vienna, who could provide me with discounted concert tickets, I wasn’t at all surprised when we exchanged phone numbers. All I had to do was send a text and tickets would be reserved.

Even when he asked me to come for a drink I didn’t thing anything of it. Sure, we’ll have a friendly conversation. During this friendly conversation, about an hour in, the subject suddenly changed. Did I have a guy in my life? Wait. What? He’s into me? Even since, I wish I would have answered differently. I get out of this drink thing without too many awkward moments, but already fear the next meeting. And yes, the next time he meets me on his day off and I feel obliged to have a drink. Little did I know this was totally a date to him. My intensions? Telling him I’m not interested. So when the subject comes up, I blurt it out. Ok, this is it, I’m thinking. But noooo… instead of this guy running away in shame, he tries to convince me to kiss him. He gets closer and closer as I lean back more and more until I’m doing an ab-workout. This is awkward. How does he not feel that? How can he ask time after time if I would kiss him, convinced it would change everything?

Then some of my group members walk by. Later that night I am standing in the metro with them. “Uhm Andrea, who was that guy in the park?” I scream: “Ok, I was on a date but I didn’t realise I was on it!” The whole group bursts out laughing. Then a discussion starts about boys and girls being just friends. I believe in it, apparently none of the guys does. I should have known it was a date. Next time I see this guy, I awkwardly exchange the money for the tickets. He wants to talk, but as soon as I see one of my guests I run after her. I haven’t seen him since and I really hope I don’t have to.


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