Wiping away the cobwebs

A million things are going through my head. It’s all too much. It’s overflowing. It’s going to burst soon. Time for some decisions! At the end of October I’m flying to Canada! My flight is booked but I have no clue where to go. I had already applied for jobs this winter, since I really want to ski, but was still waiting to get an interview at one of the resorts. Another resort had already offered me a job, so I knew I was safe anyway. But then the emails started coming. Put down some money for staff housing, officially accept the job. Aaargh. Why do I get so much stress over this?

So today, after talking to several people, I made my decision. I am done waiting! I just want to get excited about winter and the job I’m going to do. Worrying about it almost ruined it and made me not want to go. This winter I’ll be flying down the mountains at Whistler! How exciting! I’m going to teach the little 3 and 4 year-olds and play games and meet people and (hopefully) ski powder and get better and just have an amazing time. Incredible how a weight can lift off your shoulders when you make decisions. Call it spring cleaning of my head. No more dust clouding things, no more cobwebs. Now I can access the rest of the mess in there!

This is how I feel!

This is how I feel!


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