Omg I’m a bird

It has been on the list for a long time now. It also has been too expensive for a long time now. But I’ve just started my last big trip for this summer and I want to make it a good one. So on my last time in Interlaken I decided to just go for it. Got to live a little right! So together with some of my group I was driven up the mountain, to later run off it and launch myself into the sky. Ok, attached to a pro. Paragliding!

We are soooo ready!

We are soooo ready!

It is surprisingly relaxing, a bit like scubadiving, only in the sky. We just admire the view and my tandem guy points out some mountains and towns. After a while he asks if I want to give it a go. “Hell yeah!” And so I take over control. Hands up for speed, hands down to slow down and just pull for left and right. I try to do cool stuff, but obviously fail horrible. But I feel like I can’t go wrong. When we are getting closer to the ground I give away the control. We’re going to do some tricks. Go faster! Go crazier! Twirl! This is what I came for!

I’m soaring past a hotel just after my stunt time. It’s probably Interlaken’s highest building and people are enjoying a drink in the sunshine at the rooftop terrace. People are waving at me and one guy gives me the thumbs up. Then it is already time to land. This really just flew by. “When we hit the ground you just stand up and walk a few steps.” Ok boss. And it’s the perfect landing. My feet are already dangling, trying to find land, well before we touch the ground, but as soon I we hit it, I take two steps and that’s it. My friends are still soaring high above me and as I get unhooked from the harness I watch them come down. What an amazing experience. I hate birds, but I loved being one of them.


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