The perfect round trip

This summer I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Swiss alps twice. I fell in love, with the fresh air, the mountains, the activities… all of it. We were based in Interlaken, where a bunch of towns have all grown towards each other in between two big lakes and massive mountains. I’ve seen it in the rain, I’ve seen it in the sunshine. It’s pretty all the time and it makes me want to explore Switzerland more.

The happy bears of Lauterbrunnen

The happy bears of Lauterbrunnen

On both occasions I took my group out to the town of Lauterbrunnen, slightly higher in the mountains, and only a 15 minute train ride away. From the train station we walked past the town and through the valley to the Trümmelbach falls. These waterfalls are not free to visit and have become quite the tourist attraction, with buses and loads of cars parked around the restaurant. It’s still worth seeing though. For 11 Franc you can go up into the mountain by a creepy but cool elevator. Then you continue on foot. They made tunnels that zigzag through the mountain, around the thundering waterfall. On the path is a mini stream of water and the waterfall has got so much power that you often get a good spray on your face and your camera. Even the noise is impressive! The first time was a rainy day anyway, so we were wet already.

From the waterfalls you can continue walking to the Stechelberg gondolas. Two gondola rides bring you up to Mürren, another one of those cute little mountain villages. This one is car free. The walking path is easy and the views, especially on a good day, breathtaking. As you go up in the gondola it only gets better. The first time around we slowly moved up into the clouds, and the whole town was covered in clouds and freezing weather. When I went up again a few weeks later, I discovered glaciers and the prettiest views. As you go up you get a closer look at the snow covered mountain tops and the valley slowly turns into a lego village.

Rain or shine, Mürren is an excellent spot for lunch or hot chocolate. After enjoying the views you can either take a cable car down, or take the 2,5 hour walk back down to Lauterbrunnen. The walk is fairly steep, but easy to walk on and highly recommended. When there is an opening in the trees, all you can do is turn and stare. Then suddenly there are goats on the path, or you hear a cow bell in the distance. You’re in Switzerland. I kept repeating out loud ‘O my god, this is so stunning!’. I couldn’t help myself. I’d go back and do the exactly same thing any time!



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