Destination unknown

So here’s the deal. You know how writers have a writer’s block? I think I’ve got traveler’s block. I can’t seem to plan my trip. I can’t seem to make up my mind. I seem to have way too many plans and at the same time I seem to be stuck in the past. I’m hovering over my photos, trying to keep up with all the places I’ve been to. Finalizing my photo album is a gigantic task that I’ve dedicated my time to. Occasionally I tear myself away from the pages, when the smell of glue gets to my head. I open my laptop or travel magazines and read. Vancouver, Vancouver island, into Alberta or Alaska or Seattle… And what about Cuba? I cannot make up my mind. In less than three weeks I’ll be on a plane, heading for Vancouver and I have got no clue what I am going to do there. For the last months I feel like I’ve been lived. Sure, I had a lot of freedom and lots of responsibilities, but I didn’t have to decide where to go. I just had to figure out how to get there. Now, the world opens up once again. Endless possibilities. So many roads that lead to different places, different lives. I want them all. I want the best of everything. I’ve got a month of travel time and I’ve got a lifetime worth of wishes and dreams.


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