Halloween in Van

So my first week in Canada happens to be the week of Halloween. Never in my life have I experienced Halloween like this. I met a girl at my hostel and we decided we definitely had to go out and see it for ourselves. So we signed up for our hostel’s club night with a costume competition.

Little did we know this club night was really a ticket to a Halloween party. We really didn’t have a clue what we signed up for and when we arrived at the hostel for the party, it turned out it was a party of two. Yes, nobody else had shown up out of two hostels! “Well, you guys can split the costume price if you want. I can give each of you a free night.”

We were so disappointed at first, but soon realised we paid 20 bucks for a ticket and save about 35 on a night in the hostel. We could make our own party! The streets were already full of half-drunk people in crazy costumes, but the bar we had a ticket for was still a bit empty. Upstairs we had better luck.

We started looking at the drink menu at a table where a guy and girl were sitting. Soon we joined in the conversation and ended up spending a few hours with them. We had drinks, we had shots. We had fun! And when the couple left, they paid the bill for us! That, and left their phone number and an invitation to come over for dinner whenever we felt like it. Unbelievable! “We just want you to have a good time here in Vancouver.” Thanks!

The rest of the night we sort of wandered around the bars upstairs and downstairs. For some people Halloween was serious business. People watching went up to a whole new level. There were panda’s carrying actual bamboo, famous people, really good skulls and… a lot of people who wore as little as possible. What’s up with that? One girl leaned over to talk to the bartender and you could see so far up her skirt you could see her back!

We had some random conversations, hopping from Michael Jackson to penguin to guy who just came from work. It was a lot of fun to dress up a little and explore a part of Vancouver’s nightlife. Too bad Halloween is only one night a year.


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