My favourite photos of 2015

It’s super hard for me to choose which photos I love the most. Some look good, others remind me of a fun moment and yet others show the beauty of the places I have seen. And I have seen many! I took my camera almost everywhere and thus I have some tough choices to make. But I made a selection. It’s like a quick rollercoaster ride through the last year.

January – Hanmer Springs
I love the clouds in this photo. I took it on one of my walks and found this perfect view over the forest and the flat land all the way to the mountains on the other side. Somehow the colours all fit very well and the clouds give it that extra bit of depth, casting shadows over the landscape.

February – Foo Fighters in Christchurch
February was my month of trips. I’d been working so hard and could almost see the end. I was trying to cram in as much as possible to enjoy my last weeks in Christchurch. A highlight I will never forget was this concert. I had missed going to festivals and concerts and this was a great one!DSCN0129

March – Rawhiti cave
I saw many things on my road trip in New Zealand. This cave was probably the best surprise. I didn’t expect to see such beauty. I’d almost turned back because the track wasn’t great, but this was a rewarding sight! I was totally flabbergasted.

April – Chianciano Terme
The start of a brand new adventure. I had no clue what I was getting myself into, training to be a tour leader. This little town in Tuscany is a gem and we happened to be there on my birthday.DSCN1068

May – The powerpuff girls
These are my partners in crime. Our trainer and my fellow trainees on our shadow training trip. In over three weeks I got pretty close to these ladies and throughout summer they helped me out with advise and support. We may not have seen each other much after this trip, or at all for that matter, but this photo shows exactly what is was like. Best team ever!

June – Austria
In June I started doing a trip I’d never done before, to places, countries even, that I’d never been to before. Countries like Slovenia. This photo is from a place close to Salzburg on a sound of music tour. The landscape was gorgeous and this trip was like a holiday for me, although a very stressful one.


July – Prague, Czech republic
I spent a lot of time in Prague over summer. Slowly the city started growing on me, but at first I really hated it. The streets are like a maze and I still can’t find my way around, so I tend to walk the same routes all the time. I can appreciate its beauty though. I mean, look at this…

August – Munich, Germany
In August I had some time off and decided to go to Munich for a little break before visiting my family. I loved this city! I went to so many castles and palaces and felt like I was living the dream, or fairy tale.

September – Interlaken, Switzerland
My last trip as a tour guide was a gigantic loop around Europe. One month of adventures! So I decided to make the most of it and go paragliding in Interlaken. It was incredible. The smiles on this photo are genuine.

We are soooo ready!

We are soooo ready!

October – The Netherlands
A bike ride on the Veluwe with my mum. Even though it was rainy all day, and we were the only ones out on a bike, we crossed the plains and had a great day.


November – Victoria, Canada
It was freezing cold out at sea, but we were all wrapped in a big suit that made us look like Michelin men. I cannot remember when I felt adrenaline like this. It was the thrill that we might find whales and the speed with which we went over the water. I remember thinking that life was pretty good and how much I loved being outside. It didn’t even matter that I had to cut a piece out of my hair afterwards because it got so tangled I couldn’t save it anymore.


December – Whistler, Canada
At this is where I’m at. I’m a ski instructor and even though I’m still not totally comfortable in this role, but I am so proud of myself!




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