Whistler won’t let go

Whistler, you come and you never leave. That’s what they say. ‘They’ might be right. People fall in love with the place, or just get broke and literally cannot leave. For a while I’ve been thinking of settling somewhere and so I’ve made an important decision. For now I’ve decided to stay in Whistler. How long this will be depends mostly on visa issues. My current visa is valid until the end of October, so for summer I am good. For winter I’ve got high hopes on scoring a young professional visa, but more on that later.

Whistler is a resort town and as such quite an expensive place to be. Everything seems just that much more expensive than anywhere else and on a ski instructor wage, especially a beginning ski instructor wage, you don’t save much. But I lived on the cheap; top bunk, not drinking too much, getting lunch at ski school and making skiing my main activity. I managed to save enough for a short holiday to Cuba! I’m watching videos on YouTube, read blogs and guide books, learn Spanish and look at all the photos of incredible beaches and scenery. I cannot wait!

And time just flies by, so it won’t be long until I’m in this exotic country. I’ve only got two more weeks with my Valley kids! I’ve seen these guys twice a week since November and I’m going to miss them like crazy! After that, there is one more week of work left before my season ends. There will still be skiing after that, so I can have my own little ski holiday. I’ll also need to look for new accommodation, since I am more than ready for my own room in a decent house with an oven. Let grown-up life begin!

I’ve already had two job interviews and have high hopes that I’ll hear from them soon with positive news. Summer has a lot to look forward to, so I need to get my act together. There are water sports, canoeing and paddle boarding in the lakes, and mountain biking and hiking and festivals. It will be great to see the seasons change. We’ve just had some incredible, sunny days, and it makes me excited about summer. I’ll miss the skiing, but some sunshine always does me good. Let’s see what summer has in store for me.


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