Whistler’s wreckage

Whistler has a lot of hiking to offer, but there is one hike that is not promoted but that everyone wants to do anyway. In 1956 a train crashed. The boxcars were blocking the tracks so they were pulled into the forest. They have been there ever since. Many people visit the wreck and over the years the whole area has been transformed into an art show. Not only the cars are covered in graffiti, but also some rocks. Local mountainbikers have even built a whole track with jumps, although I am not sure if people still use it.

The area is full of walking paths and easy to explore. Finding it is a bit more difficult. This is not an official walk so there are no real signs, but because so many people go there the path is well defined. It starts from Function Junction, just before you arrive at Olive’s market. It is really easy and takes you mostly through the forest. At times you walk next to the train tracks though, which apparently is illegal in Canada. It doesn’t stop people from going though and it is well worth the effort. Although a bit spooky, the train wrecks are very photogenic with all the colours spray painted on it. Its location so close to a wild river and in the middle of the forest is very cool too. Get out there!

If you want to read the story behind the train wreck, check here. If you want to the route description, check here.

* Update: the hike to the train wreck is now made perfectly legal. There is now an official bridge crossing the Cheakamus river. You can find the trailhead, which now has a sign, in the Cheakamus neighborhood.


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