Found the duck

Don’t ask me how we got there, because I don’t know. If I had to go the same way again, I’m not sure if I would find it. I had the great idea to walk to One duck lake in Whistler. Normally you walk from the Emerald area, but my friend said it was blocked off, so we opted to walk from Rainbow instead. First we hiked up the paved road past dozens of new houses. At the top a boy told us “yeah it’s just that way, just make sure you turn right at the fork in the road.” Sure. But which fork? The mountainbike track we were walking on seemed to have dozens of little side tracks and at several points we were simply lost. At the start we were scrambling up a steep slope until we joined the path again. When we were nearly at our destination we could hear the people at the lake, but the path seemed to lead away from it. So we stumbled down the mossy hill only to find out there was no path at the bottom. After climbing up again, we followed the path that went the wrong way. It lead us to the lake. The one duck had multiplied and had 4 little ducks behind her, so perhaps a new name is in order. Getting there was an adventure, we were surrounded by mosquitos and leeches, and after being told we could go back via Emerald after all, we ended up on someone’s driveway.  I did get some good photos though!


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