Harmony lake

Suddenly it’s the end of August and I find myself wondering where the month has gone. I feel like time goes faster than ever. In another month the mountain closes for its winter preparations, so I need to make sure I go up there as much as I can. It’s still pretty hot and what better place to find a refreshing breeze then up on the mountain? I decide to go for a short walk, so I hop in the gondola with hordes of tourists. While I try to read my book they marvel over the scenery and debate the construction and safety of the gondola. At the top I make my way onto the Harmony meadows trail. This trail is considered black, since it has some very steep paths. I reckon it would be harder to walk it the other way around, since most of my walk is downhill. The Harmony meadows trail takes a high path before it loops around towards the Harmony lake trail. By combining the two walks, you can some amazing views at first, looking out at Harmony lake from above. Then you get closer to the actual lake, where you can walk a smaller loop that has some picnic benches. This walk is a good option if you don’t feel like anything too strenuous or if you just want to chill out.


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