Photos of home

It’s nearly time to go home, or at least move on. In less than a month I’ll be leaving this incredible place. For a few more weeks I am surrounded by mountains. Snow is starting to fall on the peaks. The leaves are changing colors in the valley. I’ve got a little bit more time to walk around the lakes and watch the bears. There couldn’t be a bigger contrast with the place I’m going to. My home country has no mountains. When it snows it is just wet mush that will freeze overnight and turns the roads into ice. There is much less of an outdoor culture than here in Whistler. One thing people do though, is going for a walk or bike ride on the weekend. Last year when I was home for a few weeks I made it out to the Groote Peel national park. It is well known for its peat, that people used to use as fuel. Now it is protected in the national park. You can follow some of the paths over cute little wooden bridges. Looking back at the photos I took, my country has some pretty beautiful places to visit.


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