Leaves and raindrops

Autumn is here and while the rain may not look too inviting to get out there and explore, it can be very rewarding to do it anyway. There is just something about this season. It is unpredictable. It can be stormy. The wind blows all the colored leaves around. You never know when the rain will start pouring down again. So pack an umbrella, dress warmly and just get out there.

Vancouver is one of those cities where it seems to rain more often than not in autumn. It didn’t stop me from getting out there though. This was my first destination in Canada! I bought an umbrella and started walking around the sea wall. Vancouver is such a good city to just walk around in. There is a gigantic path around the sea wall which can be used for biking and walking. A big part of it goes through Stanley park, where you can see a beautiful old growth forest and watch out over the sea.

I started from Canada place and walked towards Stanley Park. It was pretty miserably and foggy outside, but that gave the water this mysterious look. I new there were mountains hiding on the other side, but all I saw was clouds. I walked past the sea plane terminal and the planes just seemed to disappear before they had even taken off.

A bit further towards Stanley Park you walk past dozens of fancy little boats. Here, you can also find a few shops that rent bicycles. I explored Stanley Park both on foot as well as on a bike. Stanley Park is pretty big. Even though you are so close to the city, it feels like a completely different world. There is an aquarium, you’ll find some beaches, art and a few beautiful view points. I just wanted to hop off my bike every ten meters to take a photo. After half a day of exploring, getting back inside, making a cup of hot chocolate is just that much better!

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