The world of black and blue

As part of my new job, I’m responsible for a team of tour leaders in Iceland. Iceland, being an island, is however detached from the continent and it seems like this physical distance is immediately creating an emotional distance as well. It almost feels like I manage two different teams, even though they all do the exact same thing, deal with the same problems and are very much alike. So this needs to change. We all need to be in this team together and step one for me, is to understand more about how this region works. And that’s why I flew to Iceland.

Since WOW air went bankrupt I now had two flights to get there, pretty much taking me all day. But the time difference gave me an extra long day and that’s how I still had some time to go to the famous Blue Lagoon. Landing on the big volcanic rock was pretty epic. I looked around and saw lava fields everywhere. Lava fields and clouds. Black and white. It’s was a pretty dreary day and the wind was crazy strong. My first thought “I do not have enough clothes” was followed by “I am on the moon”.


I don’t think I have enough warm clothes!

It certainly felt like I was on a different planet when a bus took me to the Blue Lagoon. Arriving there, I was back on planet tourist. The big waiting area suggests that this place gets pretty busy, but on a cold, windy day like today, not many people opted for a bath. I walked up to the counter and was checked into the pool. I followed the pre-bathing instructions and then braced myself. To get to the hot pool, you had to get out into the cold. I walked as if nothing was wrong and sighed when I felt the hot water.


Almost instagram-worthy?

The Blue Lagoon is very instagrammable, but not this day. The cold wind blew the rising steam in every direction and at times it was hard to see where you were in relation to the changing rooms. I couldn’t even see the size of the pool. I’d been given directions and the mask bar was meant to be to my left. I got the free one and popped my glasses on top of my head and applied the mask. After that, I couldn’t wear my glasses anymore. They just kept fogging up.

I kind of hopped through the water, careful not to expose much to the cold, towards the bar. This spa not only had healthy smoothies, but also beers to drink while in the water. It was a bit bizarre. I sipped on my smoothie, enjoying the warm water, while the life guards walked around the slippery grounds in extremely thick and waterproof winter jackets.

After the pool I walked around the bright blue waters just outside of the building. It was nice to have a hot bath, but to me it was definitely not worth the price they ask. I was just as happy seeing the contrasting colors of the black lave field and the bright blue water outside the building. And this was free! Nature is so incredible! I won’t repeat the Blue Lagoon, but I did have a great first afternoon in Iceland. What an unbelievably cool place. I couldn’t wait to explore more.


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