Practise makes perfect

This photo was taken in Taipei, Taiwan. The students in purple are rehearsing something at the Confucius temple. This religion honours master Confucius. Students have to learn 6 arts; music, archery, calligraphy, computation, chariot riding and rituals. This group was walking in pairs, repeating a sentence I couldn’t understand. The man on stage is guiding the…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

This work of art comes from Taipei. On a visit to the Sun Yat Sen memorial hall, I noticed this garden at the side of the building. The stern-looking statues are surrounded by all these pink flowers. A pretty sight. For more entries in the weekly photo challenge, check out Work of Art.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Two in one in Taipei There is a big gate at the Chiang Kai-Shek memorial on the side of the national theatre. This is a photo of a monument seen through a monument. The tall Taipei 101 building, as seen from the gates.

Taipei’s free airport tours

You’re excited. You’ve finally found a cheap flight deal! The only downside: a 10 hour layover. I love hanging around airports, but after a couple of hours I’ve seen it all. Even though you just carry around your hand luggage, it still seems like too much. Plus, most of my valuables will be in there.…

Tea-time in Taiwan

Taipei is a massive city, but just a short metro ride will take you to a totally different world; Maokong. I went out there to look and walk around. The gondola takes you up to an area covered in green. It is also known for the tea houses. Since the weather wasn’t great I decided…

Cultureshock: Taiwan

I’d never been to Asia and as my first ever Asian destination I chose a week in Taipei, Taiwan. I had no idea what to expect apart from the fact that I wouldn’t understand a word people were saying. I loved observing this culture that’s so different from what is normal to me. I’d like to share…

Finding my inner calm at Longshan temple

Wrestling through the crowds I finally reach the square in front of Longshan Temple. A woman with a cart full of fish heads walks past me. Welcome to Tawain. Longshan Temple is original a Buddhist temple, but has evolved to a temple of different faiths including Taoism.

Bathing in Beitou

It’s a quite chilly Saturday in February. I need something to warm up a bit, so what’s better than a hot spring. The metro takes me to Beitou (metrostop Xinbeitou), an area of the city Taipei. It is pretty touristic, with lots of people with cameras around their necks.